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Design and manufacture of circular saw blades
Diseño y fabricación de sierras circulares
Sierra circulares para aluminio Sierra circulares para edificio Sierra circulares para madera Sierra circulares para plóstico
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    We manufacture large diameter saw blades for every market that needs big cutting or special working
    Circular Knives for tubes and solid cutting Industrial Knives to work wood - plastics - maetal - light alloy Production of special tools as per drawing !!!
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Circular knives

Circular knives with continuous edge at single or double bevel for plastic materials, pellicles of films, paper, cardboard and special fibres cutting (diameter, thicknesses and cutting angles on request).

Circular knives are cutting tools that are used in a variety industrial applications like paper and cardboard cutting, protective film cutting, packaging, hoses pipes industries, plastic materials, fabric working, isolant materials cutting and food industries.

Circular knives are designed in many different shapes and sizes, including single or double bevels, scalloped and toothed, to suit a variety of cutting applications. These tools are produced from high-quality steel or carbide materials to make precise, clean cuts and guarantee long life.

These circular saw blades are used in a variety of saw machines, including rotary cutters, slitters, sheeters and production-cutting plants. They can also be customized with different edge geometries and coating to enhance performance and increase durability, when selecting a circular knife it’s important to consider type of material being cut, rotation rpm and feed rate machine.

Proper maintenance and sharpening of the blade are important for optimal performance and longevity.


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