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Design and manufacture of circular saw blades
Diseño y fabricación de sierras circulares
Sierra circulares para aluminio Sierra circulares para edificio Sierra circulares para madera Sierra circulares para plóstico
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    We manufacture large diameter saw blades for every market that needs big cutting or special working
    We manufacture special saw blades for fast cutting speed of brass, copper, aluminium and light alloy.
    It's our pleasure to launch in the market the new generation of fast cutting speed saw blades
  • Metal cutting saw blades
    Starcut tools can plan and produce saw blades for iron, steel, copper, brass and metal cutting.
  • Plastic material cutting saw blades
    We have a large catalogue of circular blades for different types of plastic materials cutting.
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We offer repairing and sharpening blades for each type of product:

  • TCT circular saw blades - Regrinding and repairing service for tungsten carbide tipped standard and special circular saw blades, diameters from 100 mm to 2200 mm, static balancing and tensioning of discs, replacement of carbide tips and scrapers of big dimensions too, special modifying on request for blade bodies and for geometries and cutting angles of carbide tips, replacement of all tips / complete reconstruction of circular saw blades.
  • HSS circular saw blades - Regrinding and reconditioning of hss circular saw blades with fixed or variable pitch, complete regenerating of edges, cutting out / reconstruction of edges with pitches and cutting geometries on request (a-aw-b-bw-tp-can).
  • Segmental saw blades -Segmental saw blades regrinding service, borazon regrinding, replacement of broken segments, modifying on request for geometries and cutting angles, 2015 mm maximum diameter of saw blades.
  • Special and shaped milling cutters - Regrinding and reconditioning of standard and special milling cutters, diameters and thicknesses of big dimensions too, shapes on sample or drawing, replacement of carbide tips, special modifying on request.
  • Circular knives - Regrinding and reconditioning of circular knives, at single or double edge, escapes execution, tensioning and balancing of discs, modifying and special sharpening on request according to drawing or sample.
  • Linear blades and knives - Sharpening and regrinding of cutting and bending linear blades, planers knives, mills, chippers and canters, modifications on request for cutting angles and shapes of knives.
  • Band saw blades - Band saw blades sharpening, setting, welding and tensioning, restelliting on blades for big sawing machines and sawmill plants.

We also propose the following planning services and technical consultancy:

  • Planning service for special circular saw blades and milling cutters, realized according to Specific requests or in cooperation with customer, for particular cutting needs, for working on special materials, for tools manufacturing in proportion on special machines, for working with Particular cutting parameters.
  • Technical consultancy service for use of suitable tools in every working, calculation of Cutting speeds and feed, choice of production parameters for saw blades (diameters-toothings-thicknesses-bores) according to cutting sections and type of material to be worked (ferrous and Non-ferrous metals, wood, plastic materials, paper, compound and by-products materials).
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